On September 19, 2017 an official opening ceremony of Preschool Education Service Centers took place in Ahnidzor and Marts villages of Tumanian consolidated Community in Lori region.

On May 25, 2017 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) country office in Armenia, Tumanyan consolidated community of Lori region, “Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation and Communities Finance Officers Association signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)

Nrnadzor and Alvank are the most remote frontier villages of Meghri region.

On April 13, Elena Jilavanyan - a teacher of school N 100 in Yerevan, organized an interesting "Native" class for 3rd graders.

“Step by Step” BF and Early Education Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University were going to award certificates to students who had participated in the workshop conducted by “Step by Step”.


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“Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit organization and a spin-off from the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. It was established in October 2000. SBS BF fosters educational reforms geared toward more open, tolerant and democratic society in which children not only have right for quality education but equal access to quality education is available to all children. SBS BF promotes introduction and reinforcement of child-centered approaches in the educational system of Armenia thus creating sound grounds for democratic values, freedom and human rights.


SBS BF offers and implements educational technologies and strategies of child-centered and generally learner-centered individualized approach to teaching and learning based on democratic principles in education. It delivers training to teachers, faculty of pedagogic departments of universities/colleges and re-training institutions, school administration and parents, creates essential learning environment providing educational materials, methodological guides, professional and children’s literature.



SBS BF offers equal educational opportunities for children from different minority communities and children with special needs, stimulates active family participation and community involvement into education process of children, and encourages research for the further development of educational programs. Since its establishment SBS BF has been successfully implementing many educational programs in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental, local and international organizations. 



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