On September 19, 2017 an official opening ceremony of Preschool Education Service Centers took place in Ahnidzor and Marts villages of Tumanian consolidated Community in Lori region.

On May 25, 2017 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) country office in Armenia, Tumanyan consolidated community of Lori region, “Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation and Communities Finance Officers Association signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)

Nrnadzor and Alvank are the most remote frontier villages of Meghri region.

On April 13, Elena Jilavanyan - a teacher of school N 100 in Yerevan, organized an interesting "Native" class for 3rd graders.

“Step by Step” BF and Early Education Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University were going to award certificates to students who had participated in the workshop conducted by “Step by Step”.


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Our activities

  • Contributing to training/retraining programs for teachers, educators, and other professionals at preschool, primary school, and HED levels
  • Carrying out teacher professional development activities promoting child-centered teaching and learning across Armenia with special emphasis on remote regions
  • Developing capacities of local authorities, preschool, and school administrators for democratization of governance in education system
  • Equipping early childhood faculty and students of pedagogical universities and colleges with new knowledge and capacities to incorporate innovative methodologies into pedagogical practices
  • Developing mechanisms for ensuring implementation of high quality education
  • Providing professional assistance to teachers through mentoring program
  • Supporting creation of inclusive classrooms as a model of integration of children with special educational needs
  • Creating a network of innovative educational institutions and open-minded educators who will become agents and disseminators of democratic changes in the education system of Armenia
  • Creating and delivering programs for families to improve parenting capacities
  • Contributing to establishment of alternative preschool educational services in disadvantaged communities
  • Developing and publishing literature for children, teachers /educators and parents

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