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Anticorruption Education

In 2006 “Step by Step” BF launched a project on anticorruption education in schools and HED institutions. The Project was implemented in partnership with Modern Didactics Center in Lithuania under the umbrella of RWCT International Consortium through funding from REFINE project of OSI.


The project aimed at increasing anticorruption awareness through education of the youth and dissemination of anticorruption information by means of developed curriculum and programs for out-of-school activities. To implement projects on anticorruption education SBS BF has a set of materials including a training module, curriculum, and a handbook for teachers which enable educators not only to teach anticorruption education course in their classrooms but also to integrate the topics on anticorruption into curriculum of different subject areas.


Anticorruption Education Course can be delivered at the request of educational institutions and other organizations that are interested in teaching anticorruption themes or organizing anticorruption events.


Those who are interested can approach the staff members of SBS BF office.

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