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Democracy Education Exchange Program (DEEP)/Civic Education

SBS BF has developed a course on civic education that promotes educational reforms in the country. It aims to help educators create favorable conditions for development of democratic values through establishment of student government structures in schools and promotion of youth leadership. The project stimulates close relationship between students, teachers, and communities. It creates strong and trustworthy partnership geared toward improvement of civic and academic competencies of younger generation. The project encourages students to make choices, to solve problems, to take different responsibilities in school and personal life, and become active citizens. In the framework of this civic education course SBS BF has developed and translated a set of materials including a training module, curriculum, handbook for teachers, which enable educators to teach civic education course in their schools.


SBS BF can organize a series of trainings on Civic Education at the request of educational institutions and other organizations that are interested in promoting active citizenship and democracy in their institutions.


Those who are interested can approach the staff members of SBS BF office.


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