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Diagnostic Instruments for Better Informed Literacy Instruction in Primary Grades in Armenia

In 2012-2014 “Step By Step” Benevolent Foundation (SBS BF), in partnership with Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium (RWCT IC) implemented the USAID-supported project entitled Diagnostic Instruments for Better Informed Literacy Instruction in Primary Grades in Armenia. The project was aimed to develop and field-test a set of literacy assessment instruments in Armenian language for periodic use by primary school classroom teachers to better inform literacy instruction in the primary grades in Armenia.


The project promoted solution of the following specific objectives:


(a) to develop and field-test reading diagnostic instruments in Armenian language for more accurate assessment of children’s emergent literacy concepts and their reading level;

(b) to develop and field-test tutoring procedures for children that face reading challenges. Those procedures are related to the diagnostic information revealed by child assessment;

(c) to produce two guidebooks to disseminate the diagnostic instrumentsand the research findings and to individuals, groups and agencies concerned with primary school education in Armenia.


25 primary school teachers from different regions of the country participated in the project. Through cascade of trainings they were familiarized with contemporary approaches and experiences on emergent literacy and beginning reading assessment. They studied and developed informal literacy assessment instruments and learned how to administer them, and how to interpret and use the results of assessment in their schools. The participants learned tutoring procedures and most effective teaching strategies to help students improve reading skills.


The books published within the project not only introduce created assessment tools but also teach how to organize teaching both in the whole class and in remedial groups. The latter will be set up for children whose reading skills are below their grade level. The project results and findings were presented to relevant stakeholders in Armenia (namely MoES, National Institute of Education, pedagogical universities, teacher training colleges, schools and donors who support education).


The reading assessment tools and instruction practices developed during the project can be used in the entire Armenian education system and become part of pre-service or in-service teacher training curriculum.


SBS BF can organize training on Reading Assessment in Primary Grades at the request of educational institutions and other organizations that are interested in authentic assessment.


Those who are interested can approach the staff members of SBS BF office.

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