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Our vision, mission and beliefs

– Our Vision

Open, democratic society, where every child has opportunity to reach full potential

– Our Mission

“Step by Step” BF contributes to quality education through promotion of childe-centered approach


– Our beliefs 


  • We believe that every child is unique and has her/his own educational needs.
  • We believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children.
  • We believe that curiosity about the world comes naturally to our students, and that our students are capable of entertaining serious questions and formulating creative ideas.
  • We recognize the important role played by thoughtful teachers who encourage sustained inquiry, and who help students form habits and skills of productive thinking.
  • We determine to contextualize our emphasis on critical thinking within discussions, writing to learn activities, and other processes of inquiry in which students are already naturally engaged.
  • We acknowledge connection between the habits of thought and democratic citizenship.

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