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Quality Improvement Through Quality Resoutce Pack

“Step by Step” pays special attention to quality enhancement in educational institutions involved in SBS Program.


The focus on quality and subsequent development of the ”Step by Step” Teacher Standards came about as a result of the enormous expansion of the “Step by Step” program. Tools were needed to assess quality in schools and kindergartens implementing “Step by Step.” As a result of combined efforts to control and improve the SBS Program quality, SBS Teacher Standards were developed to apply in different countries of SBS Network. To  identify and then describe in detail the unifying themes of the “Step by Step” Program a Task Force of experts from 10 countries was created. It required two years and huge work from Task Force to create   standards and indicators which define quality teaching in SBS preschools and primary schools.  The culmination of many years of work in defining and promoting quality pedagogy was development of ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack which addresses the needs of early childhood education institutions to set up a quality framework for early childhood practices and tools for mentoring, assessing and improving them. This is a comprehensive set of tools, which aims to:


  • better serve children and their families by improving the quality of services
  • support preschool and primary school practitioners to improve their everyday performance through the principles of learner-centered, interactive pedagogy, development of life-long learning skills, self-reflection and cooperation with colleagues/peers, families and communities
  • inform different stakeholders about the need for quality and engage them in dialogue about quality, in order to inspire and help build better education systems


The foundation of the resource pack is presented in “Competent Educators of the 21st Century: Principles of Quality Pedagogy” developed by early childhood development and education professionals from ISSA member organizations with input from experts from around the world.


The accompanying set of resources consists of:


  1. Putting Knowledge into Practice: A Guidebook for Educators on ISSA’s Principles of Quality Practice
  2. Professional Development Tool for Improving Quality of Practices in Kindergarten/Professional Development Tool for Improving Quality of Practices in Primary School
  3. An Online Video Library on Quality Pedagogy
  4. An Online Course for Preschool Teachers
  5. Instrument for Assessing Quality Practices in Early Childhood Education Services for Children from 3 to 10 Years Old
  6. Leaflets advocating for quality in early childhood services (targeting educators, parents and policy makers)


Each of the resources from the set can be used individually and/or in combination with others.


Given its complex and systemic approach to quality, the pack provides the opportunity to address a wide range of target audiences, such as: educators (individuals or professional communities), pre-service and in-service training institutions, parents (individuals or associations), communities, policy makers, education authorities, preschool/school administrators, evaluators, researchers, mass media, as well as the general public. Specific ways of addressing different audiences, as well as ways of introducing the resource pack or its individual resources, need to be carefully explored by those working with the resources and discussed by the SBS BF core staff.


The resources in ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack have been developed with generous support from the Open Society Foundations.


Use of this set of tools is possible only on the basis of a license agreement.


SBS BF is open to cooperation with others who are interested in working with these resources to improve the quality of practices in early childhood education services. Those who are interested are encouraged to contact “Step by Step” BF office staff.


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