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Step by step

The Program Addresses the Issues Related to Preschool and Primary Education


“Step by Step” educational program supports reforms in the fields of preschool and primary school education, thus promoting the values of open society in education and society at large. “Step by Step” offers and implements individualized teaching and learning approaches which are child centered and are based on democratic principles of education.




“Step by Step” works with kindergartens, primary schools, pedagogical colleges and universities, communities, and National institute of Education of MoES. “Step by Step” program is based on the national curricula approved by the Ministry of Education of Science of RA.


“Step by Step” program is implemented in the entire territory of Armenia. It underscores and pays special attention to remote regions and vulnerable population of the

society. The program organizes trainings for teachers, HED professors, teacher trainers, education administrators, parents, and community representatives. The program helps to create equal opportunities for children coming from different vulnerable groups of population and children with special needs. “Step by Step” provides space for families and communities to participate in the educational process of children. It encourages research activities geared toward future development of educational projects.


Currently “Step by Step” is active in 450 schools and 870 kindergartens. SBS BF has trained about 12600 teachers and 43 mentors in the country. A team of 35 SBS and 25 RWCT trainers promote replication of projects in 11 regions of the country.It provides services for about 253240 children, and 1520 families.


“Step by Step”currently has 9 training centers in 5 regions of Armenia They ensure continuity and expansion of the program through recruitment and training of new schools and kindergartens from different regions.


Along with training, all the teachers involved in the program receive relevant methodological literature and ongoing professional support.


“Step by Step” schools and kindergartens serve as educational centers that provide a favorable environment for effective organization of the practicum and professional experiences of students from different pedagogical colleges and universities.


All the specialists working in the fields of preschool and primary education, as well as other specialists who are interested to get SBS trainings and get certified as effective SBS teachers, can approach the staff members of SBS BF office.


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