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Launch of New Guidebooks

On November 27, 2015 SBS BF organized the launch of two guidebooks developed within the framework of the project “Diagnostic Instruments for Better Informed Literacy Instruction in Primary Grades in Armenia”.


The project was funded by USAID and implemented in 2012-2014 by “Step by Step” BF in partnership with RWCT International Consortium. Assessment instruments were pilot tested in a group of schools in different regions of Armenia.


During the project

  • develop and field-test reading diagnostic instruments in Armenian language to more accurately assess children’s reading level,
  • assessment instruments were pilot tested by project participants (teachers) in their classrooms and based on the results they were revised and improved,
  • based on the assessment results teaching methods and approaches were tested and adapted,
  • mechanisms and tutoring procedures were developed and field-tested to work with children that face reading challenges.

As a result of the project two guidebooks were developed through close cooperation of USA experts and primary school specialists of Armenia.

  • Assessment Guidebook which aims to present the assessment instruments and their use to primary teachers and to help them to more accurately assess children’s literacy and reading skills.
  • Teaching Guidebook which aims to present the methods and strategies that can help all children, even those who have learning challenges, to learn to read more successfully.

The guidebooks were pilot tested by primary grade teachers in a number of schools in different regions of Armenia. 

The reading assessment guidebook and instruction practices developed and offered by SBS BF can be used in the entire Armenian education system to promote improvement of primary grade children’s reading skills and to upgrade pre-service and in-service teacher training curriculum.

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