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Training for students who pursue their Master’s Degree.

Training for students who pursue  their Master’s Degree.

On December 9-10 “Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation in cooperation with the Early Education Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) organized a workshop on Teacher Standards for students pursuing their Master’s Degree in Preschool Education.

30 students and a group of pedagogists of a number of preschool institutions from different regions of Armenia participated in the workshop held in Erebuni Plaza Business Center.

During two days of the workshop the students were familiarized with the international standards for preschool pedagogists, learned the requirements for preschool teacher’s professional and personal qualities, and discussed the ways and techniques of their realization.

The practical activities implemented during different sessions were very interesting and effective for the participants. The format of the workshop was also very well thought out which allowed the students and experienced teachers to discuss many issues together and implement practical activities jointly. On the one hand it made discussions more effective, and on the other hand it turned into a unique way of experience sharing.

This workshop was another step of cooperation established between the “Step by Step” BF and ASPU. Within the cooperation plan new workshops are envisaged for the ASPU students which will help them to get well prepared both in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge for their pedagogical work in preschool institutions.    

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