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Doctor’s and teacher’s profession are the most important

Doctor’s and teacher’s profession are the most important

On December 23, 2015 the representatives of “Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation were hosted by the Early Education Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU). The SBS BF and ASPU representatives were going to award certificates to 30 students of Early Education Department who had participated in the workshop conducted by “Step by Step”.

The workshop was organized through joint decision of SBS BF and Early Education Department of ASPU as the first step of the initiative targeted to work with students.

The SBS BF is expanding collaboration with ASPU - the Alma Mater of pedagogical cadres in Armenia, and is focusing not only on the professional development of the faculty of ASPU but also supporting the students pursuing their Master’s Degree in Preschool Early Childhood Education.

To continue the cooperation after the first successful attempt, both organizations will discuss future steps toward strengthening and deepening the work with students. Lt is important to reveal the needs of the ECD department and especially the educational needs of future teachers in order to purposefully outline partnership directions.

“Doctor’s and teacher’s profession is the most important for me: to doctors we trust our lives, to teachers we trust our children who are the most precious value in the world” said Ruzanna Tsarukyan, the SBS BF Director.

The programs of SBS BF help future teachers to more meaningfully, purposefully and consistently work with children who are trusted to them.

At the end of the meeting,as an acknowledgement of  gratitude the ASPU Early Education Department awarded to SBS BF a certificate with the following inscription: “To Step by Step Benevolent Foundation for huge contribution to development and dissemination of new, contemporary approaches promoting development and education of children in early ages, as well as organizing diverse professional development activities for the faculty and students of Early Education Department, and maintaining effective collaboration with the ECE Department.” 

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