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Opening of Early Childhood preschool education services in Ahnidzor and Marts villages of Tumanian consolidated Community in Lori

On September 19, 2017 an official opening ceremony of Preschool Education Service Centers took place in Ahnidzor and Marts villages of Tumanian consolidated community in Lori region. Among the guest visitors were officials from UNICEF, Lori Governor’s Office (marzpetaran), concerned ministries, and other partner organizations.


The project is implemented on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) country office in Armenia, Tumanyan consolidated community of Lori region, “Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation, Communities Finance Officers Association, and was realized through close collaboration with the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Ministry of Education and Science, and Lori Marzpetaran.


Fifteen ladies from the community have already been trained by “Step by Step” BF and work at preschool centers with children 3-6. “Step by Step” provided also assistance to the community in establishment of preschool services, including renovation, provision of furniture and educational materials.


There were a lot of children, parents, and other community members participating in the opening ceremony. 


“This is a really great event in the life of our village”, said Ruzan Eranosyan, a mother of a preschool child in Marts, “Today one of the dreams cherished by all the villagers has come true. This environment is very inviting and engaging for our children. They are extremely happy and learn a lot of things”.

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